Two women by the marsh
My mom and I at our favorite spot on the nature trail.

Hi! Welcome!

If you’re reading my little blog, you probably want to know more about ValenStar Jewelry.  I’m Katie and I do all of the making, the bookkeeping, the photography, whatever needs to be done except standing in line at the post office. Special thanks there to printable shipping labels and a dad that drops off packages for me. Yay Dad!

Silliness over. Promise. Or maybe not.  I’ve had three cupcakes today… or four. Maybe it was four.  Sugar is integral to my creative process.

How it all started…

I started this little business of mine almost nine years ago between summers at Converse College. I made a gazillion little polymer clay beads, some I still have and may yet see the light of day on this blog, and turned them into necklaces and bracelets for ladies my mom worked for. BTW nurses love to accessorize!  Soon I discovered a nifty craft called viking knitting where wire is looped around and around and around a wood dowel and then off it comes all thick and sorta uneven and then the magic happens!

By magic I mean taking that hefty piece of knit wire and slowly pull it through holes in a block of wood. As the holes get smaller, the knitting gets smoother, thinner, and more compressed.  My great love is bare copper but I also enjoy working with silver plated, colored copper, and silver plated wire and whatever wire I use in any design is always clearly disclosed.

A little more about me…

What else?  Uh, I have four dogs, but they are way more interested in the kitchen than whatever I do in the craft room, unless there’s a thunderstorm.  I studied interior design but for now ValenStar Jewelry is my focus and I work on side projects as I can, like building an abnormally large model out foam core. I am still finding bits of foam core in my work room.

Hmm.  When I’m not knitting with wire, I love to knit with yarn, especially socks, and I make shawls I never wear.  I enjoy walks on our trails or along the waterfront.  Flowers make me smile.  I may or may not have a Pepsi addiction.  I enjoy learning new techniques and new crafts.



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