Recently I’ve been seeing mentions on Instagram and in my emails from various small business gurus about The 100 Day Project.  Basically, you pick a theme and make something small every day and share a photo to Instagram with your own tag (mine is #100daysofpolymerclay) and #the100dayproject.  With starting the new website and keeping up with the gazillion changes to Etsy, I haven’t had much time to spend experimenting and trying different techniques with polymer clay. That changed today with the start of this year’s 100 Day Project.

Polymer clay is my favorite medium to work with for so many reasons. It’s durable, colors are easy to mix, and there are just so many different things you can do to it and with it.  I sculpt delicate roses and other flowers, make chunky but very light beads, and even have a small collection of texture plates I made with scrap clay.

So, how did I choose to start my 100 Days? With new stencils! I snagged them in my local Wal-mart. They’re a little larger than I’d like for pendants and such but so far I think they’re working pretty well.  Wanna see? Of course you do!


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For more info on The 100 Day Project, go here:

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